Embassy of Ukraine to the Republic of South Africa

Kyiv 05:09

Angels of Memory in Pretoria

20 February, 16:27

Embassy of Ukraine to the Republic of South Africa joined to the action Angels of Memory to commemorate Heaven's Hundred Heroes massacred five years ago on Euromaidan. Here is a timeline of those events in 2014.
February 18 – activists march on the Verkhovna Rada; initial clashes in Mariyinsky Park and Shovkovychna and Lypska Streets; Berkut troops advance towards Maidan Nezalezhnosti; opposition leaders meeting with Yanukovych.
February 19 – Yanukovych government readies for power struggle; SBU launches an “anti-terrorist” operation; protestors and activists arrive from all corners of Ukraine; Yanukovych meets again with opposition leaders.
February 20 – Euromaidan protesters march on riot police with shields and Molotov cocktails and force them to retreat, thus regaining control of Maidan Nezalezhnosti; Radosław Sikorski of Poland, Laurent Fabius of France, and Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany meet with Yanukovych; Verkhovna Rada convenes for an emergency sitting, but the Party of Regions does not take part; bloodiest day of the clashes with at least 21 protesters killed.
February 21 – Many members of the Party of Regions and their families flee Kyiv; compromise deal called 21 February Agreement reached with opposition parties after hours of negotiations ; Euromaidan activists, Pravy Sektor, and Automaidan refuse the agreement and call for Yanukovych’s resignation; hundreds of riot police officers guarding the presidential compound and nearby government buildings vanish; Euromaidan self-defense units peacefully gain control over central Kyiv and its government buildings; military stands with the people; Maidan participants wish the last farewell to the perished Heroes (Heavenly Hundred).

Source Euromaidan Press